Please, allow me to introduce myself.

Born in the late 1950′s i became interested in boots and leather and dominant girls when i was 12. And what did i do with these feelings?…… Nothing! It lasted untill the late 90′s before i started exploring fetishism and bdsm on the internet.

Mistress Fetish Liza in Leather, ready to use Her Strap On

Mistress Fetish Liza in Leather, ready to use Her Strap On

i had visited Fetish Liza’s websites in the early 2000′s. It lasted until 2011 until i wrote Her a request for friendship on Fetlife. From August until November 2012 i was slave to a Mistress in the UK. But because She didn’t have enough time for me, W/we split up in good harmony. Meanwhile i had build up a good relationship with Fetish Liza. She is a Fetish model, but She just started to explore Her dominant side. W/we had nice chats on Fetlife, Twitter and via Skype. W/we undoubtedly had a click: the lust for leather, exploring bdsm, humor. Both perfectionists. When i was a free slave again, i asked Fetish Liza if She would own me. Since then, things have changed. She is not owning me yet, She is considering me, but She is training me to stretch the asshole. Well. It’s not my asshole anymore. It’s Hers and i have to call it the slave cunt. She will use me as Her ass fuck slut. She puts me in chastity for weeks. The things dangling between my legs are Hers. She punishes me for wanking. i have to report to Her weekly. And all i can say is that i am happy to serve Her.

Now She has thought of a new project. She will put me in chastity for 365 days. Never done that before. i will not only have to report to Her, but i will also have to blog about it. That’s what i’ll do here.

i hope Y/you will enjoy this website. Feel free to ask Y/your questions.

a humble slut4leather (aka “leerslaafje”)

ALL pictures of Mistress Fetish Liza are copyrighted, do NOT share or publish them elsewhere without Her permission!

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  1. Staci Meyers
    Nov 23, 2013 @ 14:12:02

    Wishing you all the best, as well as I to am on under stacirenea or stacirenae / lol, never sure if its a before e or vice versa but its out of Ohio n I’m the only one. Hugs n look to here more


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